Neil Hutchins has lost 65lbs at Olympus

"What to say about The Stavros Method except it's simple, fun, and beneficial.  I enjoyed working out with Stavros's program.  It took very little time to see results, and the schedule was easy to follow.  You visit the gym, two to three times per week, and follow the 7 eating rules.  The best part  is the one on one attention, in private which is one of the big reasons I chose Olympus (now Live Your Way Thin) in the first place;  there is no fear of being judged or criticized.  Everything is at your own pace, and they take the time to insure your safety by showing you proper form, and lifting strategy.  Because of, Olympus and personal ambition I lost 65lbs in 8 months.  Thank you!"

-Neil J Hutchins,  Carmel New York

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients achieve a lean and healthy body, not through unsustainable long hard workouts, or strict diets, but through small, gradual and permanent changes in their daily eating and activity habits, so the results they will achieve can be easily maintained for life!"

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Looking for an experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable trainer to help you get in shape?  You have come to the right place.  At Live Your Way Thin we don't believe in the no pain no gain approach. Our trainers take a more gentle approach to fitness than most other personal trainers. 

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Are you tired of losing weight only to gain it back? You are not alone.  Over 95% of people who lose weight gain it back!  Isn't it obvious that there is something seriously wrong with the way most weight loss programs approach weight loss?  We thinks so!  That is why we have taken a very different approach to weight loss and getting in shape.  With our approach our clients don't just lose the weight they want, but they are able to keep it off with very little conscious effort.

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The current approaches to weight loss are not working.  We are spending over $60 billion per year on weight loss products and services and our weight is still going up and our health is getting worse.   Don't you think is time to take a different approach to weight loss?  We think so! 

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