About the Live Your Way Thin System.
It’s a very simple and easy system to follow and apply into your life.  We have placed extra emphasis on making it easy to apply into your life, because the fact is, the best weight loss program in the world will not make any sustainable difference in your weight or health if you can’t apply it into your life.  The Live Your Way Thin System has been modified and refined over a 20-year period and today you will be hard pressed to find a weight loss system that is more effective at helping people achieve sustainable weight loss than the Live Your Way Thin System.

Our Simple Weight Loss Philosophy
Nobody has a weight problem, what we have is a habit problem.  Weight gain is only the symptom of our habits.  If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must eliminate the habits that got you overweight in the first place and replace them with healthy ones.  This is the only way sustainable weight loss can be achieved and that is exactly how we help people lose the weight they want.

How Our Simple System Works
We first have you come in for a Free Fitness Consultation, (we can also do the consultation over the phone), to go over your current lifestyle habits and identify what unhealthy, weight gaining habits we need to help you eliminate and what healthy habits, like working out, walking, eating healthier, etc., we need to help you develop.  Then we create a simple actions plan, based on your lifestyle, of how to eliminate your unhealthy habits and develop the new healthy ones.  Once we have done that, we get to work on the implementation of that action plan.  Because we only work on eliminating or developing one habit at a time, unlike other weight loss programs, it’s very easy to follow and apply into your life.

End Result
Because with the Live Your Way Thin weight loss system you will be eliminating the habits that got you overweight and out of shape and replacing them with new healthy ones, that will help you get in shape, once you have lost all the weight you want, you will have a very easy time keeping the weight off for life.

FREE FITNESS CONSULTATION(no obligation to join, no contracts to sign even after you join)

If you would like to learn what habits are holding you back, what healthy habits you need to develop in order to achieve the results you want, and more importantly, how to make all the necessary changes in your life, without burning out, take advantage of this Free Fitness Consultation.  The consultation will take around 30 minutes and there is absolutely no obligation to join.   To schedule your Free Fitness Consultation just call or email us at:

Phone: (203) 778-9545

Email:  info@liveyourwaythin.com

About Our Weight Loss Approach

Simple Sustainable Weight Loss

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