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About live your way thin llc

Our facility is located in Danbury Connecticut, at 18 Mill Plain Rd.

our mission

"Our mission is to help our clients achieve a lean and healthy body, not through unsustainable long hard workouts or strict diets, but through small, gradual and permanent changes in their daily eating and activity habitual behaviors, so the results they will achieve can be easily maintained for life!"

About who we are

We are a weight loss company that specializes in sustainable weight loss. There is no other weight loss company that understands sustainable weight loss and how to achieve it, better than us.  We opened our doors in May of 1996 with one goal in mind.  Help people lose weight and keep it off.  Our original name was "Olympus Personal Training" which we changed later to "Live Your Way Thin" to better match what we do.  

Company Profile

Kimberly Marcus. 

Trainer / Coach of the Live Your Way Thin System

Our facility is located in Danbury Connecticut, at 18 Mill Plain Rd.


Sam Otey.

Trainer / Coach of the Live Your Way Thin System

We have taken an unconventional approach to weight loss, and for a good reason.  The conventional approaches to weight loss are not working, and we know that because if they did, with all the billions of dollars we spend every year on conventional weight loss programs, we should be winning the weight loss battle and we are not!  If you are tired of losing weight only to regain the weight back, if you are tired of yo-yo dieting and you are looking for a sustainable way to lose weight and get in shape, check out our unique approach to sustainable weight loss.  We call our weight loss program the Live Your Way Thin System.

Here are some things you will NOT have to do with the Live Your Way Thin System:

  • No counting calories
  • No counting points
  • No measuring your food
  • No buying prepackaged foods
  • No long workouts
  • No hard workouts that leave you in pain
  • No elimination of junk food from your house
  • No elimination of whole food groups

What you WILL learn with the Live Your Way Thin System:

  • How to eat the right amount of food, without counting calories, points or measuring your food.
  • A simple and yet very effective workout that you can do in under 15 minutes that does not leave you in pain
  • How to make working out a habitual behavior
  • How to eat much healthier without relying on self-discipline (no perfect eating required)
  • How to get your subconscious mind to take over the whole process of getting in shape and staying in shape so your conscious mind can be free to enjoy life.  (This is how people living in healthy regions around the world are able to stay is such a good shape)
  • The most important eating habit that most people who live in those healthy regions around the world practice, but most nutritionist and diets don’t teach.
  • You will learn the true Mediterranean diet.  (There is more to the Mediterranean diet than just the foods we eat, and I know that because I was raised on a Greek island, where thin was the norm, and people lived long, healthy lives)

What is great about our Live Your Way Thin System is that it does not rely on motivation to maintain the results.  Motivation is only required to get started, but no motivation is required to keep going because your new habitual behaviors will help you do that.

Live your way thin Team

What we do is help people make changes in their habitual behaviors that are causing them to gain weight.  A fact that anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off, need to know is that the only way to lose weight so the weight stays off is to eliminate the habitual behaviors responsible for your weight gain.  

At Live Your Way Thin we believe that if you are going to put the effort into losing weight you might as well do it the sustainable way by eliminating the habitual behaviors responsible for your current shape, and that is the way we approach weight loss, so our clients can lose the weight they want and keep it off for life.

Stavros Mastrogiannis.

Founder and Head Coach of the Live Your Way Thin System