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Depends on your motivational level and lifestyle, we want to work on Phase Two between 1 to 3 weeks before we start working on the next phase.

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Step 4: (Phase Three) Develop the right eating habits

In this phase, our goal is to help you eliminate all your bad eating habits and help you develop 7 new eating habits that will make the biggest difference in your health and weight.  If you already have very good eating habits and you don't need any help with your diet, we can skip this phase.  However, in our experience, we have found that most people can benefit from our nutritional program, even people who eat a very healthy diet and here is why.  Most diets and nutritionist only focus on the foods people eat or don't eat.  They don't talk about why and how you should be eating.  The first 3 eating habits we teach, are all about the "how" and "why" you eat.  If you eat very healthy and still have a weight problem, in most cases we have found that people are missing the first 3 eating habits we teach, which are all about the "why" and "how" you eat

One you have developed the exercise habit and all the right eating habits and have achieved your fitness goals, you are ready for the last phase of our program

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Once you get Phase One going, we start working on the next phase

Step 1:  Fitness Consultation

At this step we have 5 objectives:  

  1. Find out what are your fitness goals
  2. Identify the habits that are causing you to have the fitness problem (weight gain, weak, etc.),
  3. Identify the healthy habits you need to develop that would help you achieve your fitness goals
  4. Identify beliefs that you have on weight loss and health that could hold you back
  5. Based on everything we learned about you and, based on your current lifestyle, we will suggest an action plan that would help you achieve your fitness goals

At Live Your Way Thin, we offer a variety of ways we can help you implement the action plan.  

  • Real-Life Personal Fitness Training (perfect if you live near our facility)
  • Online Coaching (perfect if you don't live near our facility or you have limited budget)
  • 3D Nutritional Coaching (perfect if you need help with developing the right eating habits where ever you live)

We will explain each service to you and you are free to pick which service or services best fits your needs and budget.  Basically ,our Live Your Way Thin System has 4 Phases that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Step 2: (Phase One)  help you develop the right mindset for sustainable results

This is the first phase of the Live Your Way Thin System, where our goal is to make sure you have the right mindset for sustainable results.  This is an essential step to take before you start any fitness program if you want sustainable results.  This is something that most weight loss and fitness programs don't do and that is part of the reason why they fail to help people achieve sustainable results.  You will be given all the materials you need for this phase right after the consultation.

In Phase 1 You Will Learn:

  • What is the right mindset for sustainable weight loss and fitness
  • Mental exercises that will help you stay focus on your fitness goals
  • Ways to eliminate wrong beliefs that could sabotage your progress

Let us help you make lean and Healthy a reality, by scheduling a free fitness consultation today.

How it works

Step 3: (phase two) Help you develop the exercise habit

In this phase, our goal is not just to help you get a good workout that will help you achieve your fitness objectives and make working out habitual, but to also help you incorporate into your everyday life activities that are beneficial to your health and would compliment the workouts that you do at the gym and of course help you make those activities habitual.  

If you like our plan, we go to Step 2, which is Phase One of the Live Your Way Thin System

Step 5: (phase 4) The End Game

The end game of our program is to have helped our clients develop all the necessary eating and activity habits that would have helped them achieve the fitness results they wanted.  Because with our system you will have achieved the results you wanted by making permanent changes in your daily behaviors, you will have a very easy time maintaining those results.  Once you have achieved your fitness goal you can go on your own.  Many of our clients stay in touch with us by doing sessions every so ofter or join our online coaching, to ensure they don't pick up any unhealthy habits again.