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"Our mission is to help our clients achieve a lean and healthy body, not through long hard workouts, strict calorie counting or food measuring diets, but through small sustainable changes in their daily eating and activity behaviors which will enable them to achieve sustainable weight loss"

About Us
We are a weight loss company that specializes in sustainable weight loss.   There is no other weight loss company that understands sustainable weight loss and how to achieve it, better than us.  We opened our doors in May of 1996 with one goal in mind, to help people lose weight and keep it off.  Our original name was "Olympus Personal Training" which we changed later to "Live Your Way Thin" to better reflect what we do.

What we do is help people make changes in their lifestyle habitual behaviors that are causing them to gain weight.  A fact that anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off, need to know is that the only way to lose weight so the weight stays off is to eliminate the habitual behaviors responsible for your weight gain.

At Live Your Way Thin we believe that if you are going to put the effort into losing weight you might as well do it the sustainable way by eliminating the habitual behaviors responsible for your current shape, and that is the way we approach weight loss, so our clients can lose the weight they want and keep it off for life.

We Just Took Our Weight Loss Program Online
Until recently, the only way you could learn our approach to sustainable weight loss was to come to our facility in Danbury CT.  Now we also offer an online version of our unique approach to sustainable weight loss, which we call Live Thin Stay Thin, so everyone can have access to regardless where they live.

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What they don’t teach you about the Mediterranean diet that will make the biggest difference in your health and weight.
You hear all the time how great the Mediterranean diet is, but did you know there are parts of the Mediterranean diet that most nutritionists never talk about?  Stavros a 24-year veteran of the weight loss field, he did not just study the Mediterranean diet, he was raised with it while living on a Greek island. People need to realize that there is more to the Mediterranean diet than just the foods we ate or didn’t eat.  How we ate contribute to our good health, as what we ate.

The right mindset for sustainable weight loss and how to achieve it!
Have you wondered why most people although they get great results they don’t seem to be able to stick with the diet or weight loss program that got them those great results?  The reason is because they have the wrong mindset when it comes to sustainable weight loss, says Stavros Mastrogiannis, a 24-year veteran of the weight loss field who specializes in sustainable weight loss.  You see before you can make any permanent changes in the way you act, you must first change the way you think. 

Popular fitness  & weight loss beliefs that keep us fat and how to change them.
If all the popular ideas on weight loss were working, how come we are losing the weight loss battle?  According to Stavros a 24-year veteran of the weight loss field and a sustainable weight loss specialist, we are losing the weight loss battle because many of the popular weight loss beliefs are wrong and actually many of them contribute to the weight problem.

Weight Gain is a Blessing, You Should Be Thankful!
I know that sound crazy but Stavros a 24-year veteran of the weight loss field considers weight gain a blessing.  You see, just because you are thin, that does not make you healthy.  Most people believe that if they don’t have a weight problem, they don’t have to worry about their health  and that is not true.  I know plenty of thin people who had heart attacks and strokes.  You can look at weight gain as a clear signal from your body that you are doing something wrong.  A thin person does not get that signal.

Who Is Stavros

There are many weight loss experts who can help you lose weight but when it comes to sustainable weight loss Stavros Mastrogiannis is the expert you want to be talking too.

Stavros is a 24-year veteran of the weight loss field, owner of Live Your Way Thin personal training and coaching, and the creator of Live Thin Stay Thin.  An online sustainable weight loss program.

Fitness was not Stavros’s first career choice. He graduated from one of the finest schools in Culinary Arts, The Culinary Institute of America.  He ended up in the fitness industry almost out of frustration.  He felt that fitness professionals did not understand the average person like him, who did not like exercising, and did not want to give up all his junk food, and complaining about it would not help, so he got involved.

From the very beginning, it became very obvious to him that there was something seriously wrong with the way the industry was approaching weight loss because most people end up regaining the weight back.
What enabled him to come up with the answer to sustainable weight loss, in big part was his upbringing.  Unlike most other weight loss experts, his position on weight loss, health, and nutrition, was not shaped by simply studying in a classroom.  He was raised on a Greek island where thin and healthy was the norm and people in their 90s lived productive lives. That unique life experience gave him an insight on weight loss, nutrition, and health that very few weight loss experts have.

Stavros has organized many fitness and weight loss events including the Danbury Weight Loss Challenge in 2004 and he partnered with St. Jude Children’s Hospital for the Get In Shape for 2007 Challenge.  He has been covered many times by The News-Times and has been on Public Broadcasting TV on numerous occasions.

How Flossing Help Me Solve The Weight Problem!
Stavros has been in the weight loss field for 24 years.  From the very beginning, he noticed how most people would lose weight only to regain the weight back.  His focus from the very beginning was on how to help people lose weight and keep it off.  Stavros got the inspiration of how to solve the problem from a very unexpected place.   Flossing!  Who knew that the weight loss problem would be solved by learning how to floss regularly!  It's an amazing story!

Why Breakfast is The Worse Meal of the day!
A day does not go by without hearing about some new study that proves how important breakfast is to your weight and health.  Stavros a 24 year veteran of the weight loss field, after realizing that healthy regions around the world, including the island he was raised on in Greece, adults did not eat breakfast, took a closer look at breakfast and he was amazed what he found.  Breakfast is definitely not the most important meal of the day!

Eating Healthy is not Expensive, it’s actually cheaper than eating unhealthy!
You hear it all the time that eating healthy is expensive that is why so many people don’t.  Yes, I would agree that eating healthy the way that most nutritionists describe healthy eating is more expensive, but that the way Stavros, a 24-year veteran of the weight loss field describes healthy eating.  As a matter of fact if you eat the way Stavros considers healthy eating, never mind you will lose weight and improve your health but you will also save money on food.

What most nutritionists don’t know can make you fat!
Has anybody ever stopped and wonder, why with most diets people end up regaining the weight back?  Well, according to Stavros a sustainable weight loss specialist with over 24 years in the field, there are few reasons why that happens and here is just one of them.  Nutritionists have spent so much time debating what foods to label healthy and what foods to label unhealthy, they forgot the basics.  Why are people eating in the first place?  Are they eating for the right reasons or the wrong reasons?  Did you know that if you are eating for the right reason you can lose weight eating pizza and French fries?

How to start and stick to an exercise program even if you hate exercising!
How many time have you started an exercise program only to stop few weeks or months later?  Stavros a 24 year veteran of the fitness field and a person who himself dislikes exercise has a solution that does not rely on motivation.  Motivation is great if you love exercising, but if you hate it you must find another way to stay consistent with your workouts.  Stavros has developed that other way to help people stick to their workout program for life.


I ate McDonalds for 2 months and my cholesterol went down!
Stavros a 24 year veteran of the weight loss field, did a similar experiment as Mr. Sperlock at Super Size me but had completely different results.  He ate the same food, big macks, cheeseburgers, hamburgers and french fries plus candy and other junk food on the weekend, with absolutely no negative effects.  How Can That Be?  Well, there is more to proper nutrition than what you eat.  How you eat, why you eat and when you stop eating is as important to your health as what you eat.

How to eat the right amount of food without counting calories, point of measuring your food!
If you look at most diet programs they expect you to keep track of the food you eat by keeping track of calories, point or simply measuring your food.  The question is for how long can you do that for?  If you are like most people, not for too long.  This is why most diets fail long term.  But, is there another way to make sure you don’t overeat?  According to Stavros and many other unknown weight loss experts, yes there is.

The #1 mistakes most weight loss programs make that makes sustainable weight loss impossible.
You can have all the right knowledge of what you need to do to lose weight, but if you can’t apply that knowledge into your life, it will not make any difference.  Stavros a 24-year veteran of the weight loss field has seen great weight loss and diet program fail because they make one big mistake when they try to help people apply their advice into their life.  There is a way to fix that mistake but you will first need to change the way you think!

Do you want fast weight loss or sustainable weight loss?
If you want sustainable weight loss you would approach weight loss very differently than if you wanted fast weight loss.  Unfortunately most weight loss programs on the market today focus on fast weight loss because that’s what people want.  The question, Stavros a 24 year veteran of the weight loss field has for people is this.  What is the point of losing weight fast, if you are going to regain all the weight back?  Won’t you rather take an extra few months and lose weight the sustainable way and never worry about your weight again?

If You Want Sustainable Weight Loss Keep The Junk Food In Your House!
If you ask most weight loss experts, they would tell you if you want to eat better, you need to get rid of junk food from your house.  Stavros a 24 year veteran of the weight loss field and a sustainable weight loss specialist strongly disagrees!  You want to keep the junk food in your house.  The key to sustainable weight loss is learning to control yourself not your environment.  Stavros has developed a system that helps his clients take control of themselves. 

The reason we are losing the weight loss battle is because we focus on weight loss.
Yes, you read correctly, the problem with most weight loss program is that they focus on the weight people want to lose, says Stavros Mastrogiannis a 24-year veteran of the weight loss field and a sustainable weight loss specialist.  You see, weight gain is only a symptom, not the problem, the real problem is your habitual behaviors you engage in on a daily basis that got you overweight.  If you want to lose weight and keep if off you must focus on the habitual behaviors you need to change in order to lose the weight you want.

Which is the most important meal of the day and why?  Hint, it’s not breakfast!
If you ask which is the most important meal of the day, most people will tell you, it is breakfast, but is that correct?  According to Stavros a 24-year veteran of the weight loss field, that is not correct and he has the proof to back it up.  So if breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, which is?  Well, the most important meal of the day is the meal you eat when you are truly hungry and you have time to relax afterward for proper digestion.

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Decoding the Root Cause of Weight Gain
If  you want to eliminate a problem permanently, you must find and eliminated the root cause of the problem.  That is exactly what Stavros a 24-year veteran of the weight loss field has done with his sustainable weight loss program Live Thin Stay Thin, which enable his clients to lose weight and keep it off.  The root cause of most people weight problem is their daily habitual behaviors.  Unless you change your habitual behaviors, any weight loss will be temporary.

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Tired of losing weight only to regain the weight back?  The solution is very simple!
How many times have you lost weight only to regain the weight back?  According to the latest statistics over 90% of the people who lose weight regain the weight back!  The question is why?  Is there something wrong with 90% of the people and they simply can do what it takes to keep the weight off or is there something wrong with the way we approach weight loss.  It’s the latter.  This is according to Stavros a 24 year veteran of the weight loss field who specializes in sustainable weight loss.  If you take a closer look at how most weight loss programs approach weight loss, you will find that they go against human nature, and this is why they fail.  It’s much easier to lose weight and keep it off if you go with the human nature.

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