About 3D Nutrition:

This is not your typical nutritional program.  There is a whole other dimension of proper nutrition that the vast majority of diet and nutritional programs don’t cover.  Let me explain.  Most diets only talk about the foods you should be eating and the foods you should be avoiding.  The foods you should be eating they label healthy and the foods you should be avoiding they label unhealthy.  So basically they think in two dimensions, healthy and unhealthy.  The one thing that they don’t take into account is that there is more to healthy eating than just the foods you eat or don’t eat.  Did you know that the exact same food can be healthy or unhealthy depending on if you ate it when you were hungry or when you were full?  Did you also know that depending on how fast you eat the same amount of food can leave you satisfied or still hungry?  So the 3rd dimension of proper nutrition that most diet programs leave out is “how and why you eat”.  How and why you eat affects your health and weight as much if not more than what you eat.  This is a fact, not my opinion and there have been plenty of studies to prove it.  

With our 3D nutrition coaching program, you will not be learning just about the foods you should be eating or not eating but also how to eat them.  You will be surprised what a difference it will make to your weight and health when you learn to eat the right way, the way nature intended us to eat.  Most of my clients start to lose weight as soon as they establish into their lives, the first 3 eating behaviors we teach them, which by the way none of these 3 behaviors have anything to do with the foods that they are eating, only how and why they eat.  

Besides of the 3rd dimension that most diets don’t teach about proper nutrition, another area that they are neglecting is how do you apply all the necessary dietary changes into someone’s life without overwhelming them? Most dietary programs rely on motivation.  In other words, they hope that once people see results they would be motivated to keep following the diet that got them the results.  The problem with motivation is that it is very unreliable, it comes and goes.  Sometimes you are motivated to do the right thing and sometimes you are not.  

At Live Your Way Thin we don’t rely on motivation to help people stick with our program.  The way we help our clients apply all the necessary changes into their daily lives is based on the Kaizen philosophy.  Kaizen is the Japanese word and it means “continuous improvement”. What is great about his philosophy is that it’s the best way to develop new habitual behaviors.  What is great about habitual behaviors is that you don’t have to rely on motivation to take those actions.  Many successful people and corporations like Toyota have used the Kaizen philosophy to achieve tremendous success.  We are using the same philosophy to help our client achieve tremendous success in weight loss and health.

How Our 3D Nutritional Coaching Works

The first step is to schedule a 30-minute nutritional consultation with Stavros.  The consultation can be done at our facility or if you live too far away to come in we can do it over the phone or skype.

At this consultation, you will learn about the 7 eating habits we will help you develop with a special emphasis on the first 3.  Stavros will explain everything about these 7 eating habits and how we will help you implement them into your life, so they will eventually become part of your daily habitual behaviors.    

Through our online coaching app which you can download right on your smartphone we will be supporting you during the process of developing these essential eating habits.  Although some initial effort is required to develop these 7 eating habits, once you have developed these habits, very little mental effort will be required to maintain them, thus you will have a very easy time maintaining the weight loss you will achieve through our program.  

If you are tired of losing weight only to regain it back and you are looking for a sustainable weight loss solution, give our nutritional program a try.  Changing your eating habits and losing weight is not as hard as you might think!


First Month:  $65,  (Includes 1, 30-minute nutritional consultation)

All Additional Months: $19 per month.

Personal Training at our facility

Type of Services We Offer at Our Facility:

  • Real-Life Fitness Training
  • 3D Nutritional Coaching
  • 1 on 1 Kickboxing
  • Private Yoga

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Yoga is an ancient art that is considered by some as the “fountain of youth”. Proven to increase vitality and induce detoxification, rejuvenate the spine, increase flexibility and tone muscles, correct hormonal imbalances, onset relaxation and improve balance, Yoga is an important aspect of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

Our trainer Sam Otey has spent years studying the ancient art and the psychological connection between meditation with yoga for a well-balanced life. We created this nontraditional Yoga class to strengthen and balance while also promoting better health and providing an enhancement for all other physical activity. Everyone wants to add years to their life and feel young and rejuvenated, at Live Your Way Thin we do too. This is not your mom’s yoga. We have done all the research for you and have condensed our knowledge into a powerful new way of adding Yoga to your workout.

If you’re a person who’s interested in being fit then you’re a person who’s interested in Yoga.

Cost:  (Sales Tax no included)

  • $44 per session


Get a personalized approach to learning kickboxing with full contact Muay Thai pad work. This workout is nothing like a kickboxing class.  Making contact with your punches and kicks it’s a lot more fun than simply kicking the air and in addition, it is safer for your joints. This is a full body fun workout that in the process you will learn how to throw punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, as well as how to blend these techniques for smooth and effective combinations. Martial arts burn more calories than almost any other sport and serves, as a fun and engaging alternative to conventional cardio, stamina, conditioning, and interval training.  Each session is only 30 minutes long but you will get more of a workout out of these 30 minutes than from any regular 60 minute aerobic or kickboxing class.  Our 1 on 1 kickboxing training can be adjusted for any level, from a complete beginner to advance.

Cost: (Sales Tax not included)

  • $44 per session


This is not your typical personal training service where you just go to get a good workout.  As you might already know, part of the key to sustainable weight loss and health is to find ways to incorporate physical activity into your everyday life, so it becomes a habitual behavior that you do without much thought.  Just look at healthy regions around the world.  These people don’t go to the gym. Their everyday lives keep them in shape.  Obviously, in the modern world, some exercise is necessary, because, our everyday life does not challenge our muscles and cardiovascular system enough. However, if you can add enough activity into your everyday life, you could minimize the number of times you need to go to the gym.  Of course, if you like going to the gym more often, you can.

When you come in for your personal training sessions with us, our goal is not just to help you get a good workout while you are at our facility, but to also coach you on how to add activities into your everyday life and make them habitual.  Our coaching method is based on the Kaizen philosophy. Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “change for better”. Many successful people and companies like Toyota have used the kaizen philosophy to achieve incredible results.  We use the same philosophy in our coaching to help our clients develop the exercise habit and the results have been equally amazing.  Our goal is to help our clients to make exercising habitual, whether the workouts they do are with us or the workouts they do on their own, because we know that is the only way our clients will be able to maintain the results they achieve through working out. 

What is great about the kaizen way is that the changes are applied through small, incremental steps. The effort required to make the changes is kept to the minimum, so it is very easy to implement into anyone's life, no matter how hectic their life is.   In my 25 years in the weight loss field, I have not seen a method that works better at helping people make sustainable changes in their life than the kaizen way. 

About The Sessions

In an effort to make our services as affordable and convenient to as many people as possible we offer 2 types of session:  "Private", "2 on 1 Session".  The sessions consist of two, 30-minute segments.  In the first segment, we will conduct the strength training part of the workout which includes flexibility and balance training.  Of course, both types of sessions are customized to your needs and goals.  This segment of the workout takes place in a private fully equipped room.  In the second segment of the workout, we will help you get a good aerobic workout using any of our aerobic equipment.  In this segment of the workout, the trainer will set you up but will not necessarily stay in the room with you.  A trainer is always around to assist in case you need help.  You might be sharing the aerobic room with few other people, but there is never a crowd.  The total session is around 60 minutes long.

The Differences Between Our 2 Types of Sessions & Prices  

(Sales Tax Is not Include)

Private Session: In this type of session the strength training part of the workout is 100% private.  It's just you and the trainer

  • $55 per session if you only do 1 session per week
  • $50 per session if you do 2 or more sessions per week

2 on 1 Session:  In this type of session, you share the strength training part of the workout with another person.  (This type of session is perfect for two friends or a couple that would like to workout together)

  • $35 per session per person, if you only do 1 session per week
  • $30 per session per person, if you do 2 or more sessions per week

We've made weight loss sustainable!

Few Things You Need To Know About Our Services:

  • No monthly gym membership Fees
  • No sign-up fees
  • No contracts to sign.  You only pay for the sessions you schedule each week