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About The Live Your Way Thin System

Our weight loss program is unlike any other weight-loss program on the market today.  Stavros Mastrogiannis, the founder of this amazing weight loss system, realized early in his fitness career that the path the weight loss industry has taken to help people lose weight only leads to unsustainable results. He chose not to follow that path.  Instead, he decided he would create his own path, one that would lead to sustainable weight loss. That choice has paid dividends today because you would be hard pressed to find anyone that knows more about the subject of sustainable weight loss than Stavros.  When it comes to sustainable weight loss, his weight loss system is second to none.

What helped him come up with a sustainable solution to the weight problem was his outside the box thinking.  Although formal education is a good thing, sometimes it can put you in a box and limit your ability to think creatively, which sometimes you need to solve complex problems.  What gave Stavros the ability to think outside the box was his upbringing.  Unlike most other weight loss experts, his position on weight loss, health, and nutrition was not shaped by simply studying in a classroom or online.  He had the good fortune to have been raised on a Greek island where at the time he lived there, people lived long healthy lives, thin was the norm, cancer was a rare disease and people in their 90s lived healthy productive lives. His upbringing gave him a unique perspective which led him to question many of the things he had learned in school about weight loss, nutrition, and health because they contradicted his upbringing.  That unique life experience gave him an insight on weight loss, nutrition, and health that very few weight loss experts have.

The Two Parts of the Solution

Another thing  Stavros realized early on, was that having the right information as to what people need to do in order to lose weight was not enough to help people achieve sustainable weight loss.  There are many weight loss programs that give you the right information and still don’t produce sustainable results.  The reason is because there are two parts to the sustainable solution to the weight problem.

The first part is knowing what needs to be done in order to lose weight.  In other words, how should you eat? What foods should make up most of your diet? How much and what type of exercises you should be doing? Just to name a few.  You could have the right answer to all of these questions but if you can’t apply the answers into your life they will not make any difference or at least any sustainable difference.  For the answers to make a sustainable difference, you must be able to apply them into your life on a consistent basis.

The second part of the sustainable solution to the weight loss problem is knowing how to apply these actions to people’s lives and make them a part of their daily lives, to make all the changes they need to make in their eating and activity habits without getting overwhelmed and burning out!

This is another area that the Stavros approach to weight loss differs greatly from all other weight loss programs. The fact is, very few weight loss programs take into consideration that change is hard.  They simply expect that people will do what they are asking them to do, and the results they will achieve, will keep them motivated to keep going.  The problem with that theory is that it does not work.  If it did, then how come over 95% of people who lose weight regain the weight back? The fact is, the best results in the world will not keep anyone motivated if the results were achieved through a method that is overwhelming.  The way most weight loss programs approach weight loss is overwhelming for the vast majority of people and that is why most people quit their efforts and regain the weight back.   Remember, temporary changes only yield temporary results. Only permanent changes can yield permanent results.  

The only way you can ensure that a person will stick with a new eating behavior or activity over the long term is to make that behavior or action habitual.  There is no other way.  With the Live Your Way Thin system, you will do exactly that.  Through a simple and yet extremely effective step by step approach, it will help you make habitual and part of your daily life all the eating and activity behaviors you need to develop in order to lose the weight you want.  Because all the new eating and activity behaviors you will learn with Stavros’s weight loss program will become habitual keeping the weight off will be almost effortless.

The bottom line

The bottom line is this.  With the Live Your Way Thin system, you will not just be learning how to eat right and what exercises to do, but you will learn how to make eating right and exercising habitual, so it becomes part of your daily behaviors.  

Stavros's system of making the new eating and activity behaviors habitual is based on the kaizen philosophy.  Kaizen is an ancient Asian philosophical system for applying change.  Many highly successful people from all walks of life have used the kaizen philosophy to achieve extraordinary results.  Stavros adopted that philosophy in his weight loss program and the results have been amazing.

There are many ways to lose weight,  but when it comes to sustainable weight loss, there is no better way than the Live Your Way Thin System.
Even if you hate dieting and exercising and you have never been able to stick to a weight loss program for very long, give this program a try.  You will be pleasantly surprised how simple it is to follow and apply into your life.

Why it works