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"We are all about sustainable and healthy weight loss"

Stavros Mastrogiannis

How To Get Started

The fact is, nobody has a weight problem; what we have is a habit problem.  Weight gain and all the health issues that come with it is the symptom of our daily habitual behaviors.


So, the best way to achieve a lean and healthy body that you can maintain with minimum effort is through permanent changes in your daily habitual behaviors.    In other words, you must eliminate the unhealthy habits that got you overweight and replace those habits with healthy ones that support a lean and healthy body.

Because we want to help people lose weight and get in shape for life, the first step to joining our services is a Free Habit Review Session.


In this session, we will review your current lifestyle habits and identify the habits responsible for your current shape.  Also, we will identify healthy habits missing from your life that support a lean and healthy body.

In addition we will explain how our Complete Solution Membership works and how through this membership we will help you make all the necessary changes in your daily habits behaviors.

From there you can make an informed decision if our approach is right for you and if it is, which Membership level best fits your needs.


If you don't feel our Complete Solution Memberhips is right for you, we part ways as friends.


Either way, you will leave this session with a clear picture of what you must do to achieve the desired results.

Schedule Your Free Habit Review Session Below:

NOTE: If none of our available times fit your schedule, please send us an email with the days and times you are available. Please make sure you include your Time Zone.  You can email us at: 

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