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Audience and Lecturer

The Science of Effortless Weight loss


About the Speaker

Stavros Mastrogiannis

The Practical Fitness Coach

Any weight loss coach can help you lose weight, but when it comes to sustainable weight loss, Stavros Mastrogiannis is the coach you want to be talking to.

Stavros is a 30-year veteran of the weight loss field, and he is the founder of the Fitness on Autopilot system.   An unconventional approach to weight loss that follows the example of healthy regions. (Blue Zones).  It helps people lose weight for life by teaching them how to put all their weight loss efforts on autopilot, just like the people in healthy regions.


Stavros's position on weight loss and health was not shaped by simply studying in school.  

He was born and raised on a Greek island where thin was the norm and people lived long, healthy lives.  That unique life experience gave him an insight into weight loss and health that very few weight loss experts have.


The truth is that losing weight should be easy, and keeping it off should be effortless.  The reason losing weight and keeping it off is so hard is because of the way most weight loss programs approach weight loss.   In the presentation, Stavros will discuss the 3 main issues with all popular weight loss programs that make it hard to lose weight and keep off.  Most importantly, he will explain how it is possible to put your fitness program on Autopilot so you can lose weight and keep it off effortlessly by following the example of healthy regions.

What you will learn at this presentation:


At the Live Your Way Thin facility located at 18 Mill Plain Rd, Danbury CT


Thursday at 5:30 p.m. The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes long. Stavros will be available after the presentation to answer any questions.


If you know that you are coming, please email us or call and let us know.  Walk-ins are welcome, but we can't guarantee a seat for walk-ins. Contact info below.

Who Should Come:

If you have been trying to lose weight but with no success because you find the popular advice on weight loss and health very hard to live with, this presentation is for you.  In this presentation, Stavros will explain how people in healthy regions can maintain their great shape so effortlessly and how we can follow their example to lose weight and get in shape with very little effort, and most importantly, maintain our good health effortlessly.  

This FREE presentation will change your whole perspective on how to lose weight and get in shape!


18 Mill Plain Rd, Danbury CT 06811


(203) 778-9545

Presentation time

Thursday April 25

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

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