aboutOur Services At Our Facility

All our personal training & coaching at our facility is done is a fully equipped private room with just you and the trainer.

Our Personal Training Services focus on 

helping you get a good workout while you are here with us, but also coaching you how to make exercising a habitual behaviors so eventually you will not need to rely on anyone to stick with your exercise program.

Our Nutritional Coaching focuses on helping you make habitual 5 simple eating habits, which will make weight loss and better health inevitable. No counting calories, measuring your food, or eliminate any foods from your diet, including junk food, is necessary with our approach

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Main Benefits

Of Our Weight Loss Approach

  • Very easy to follow and apply into your life

  • No hard or long workouts

  • Exercising will become a habitual behavior and part of your daily routine

  • Very little motivation is required to get started and almost none to keep going

  • Minimum effort, maximum results

  • No counting calories, points or measuring your food

  • No elimination of any food groups, including junk food

  • You will have a very easy time keeping the weight off after you lose it

Nutritional Cooking
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Short Efficient Sessions

Long workouts are not necessarily more effective workouts.  As a matter of fact, longer workouts are harder to fit into your week and more likely to skip.  At Live Your Way Thin we believe the best workout is the one you will do and do consistently.  As you probably know, consistency is the key to results.   That is why at Live Your Way Thin we made our sessions only 30 minutes long, so people can easily fit them into their schedule and less likely to skip.

At each session is customized to your needs and can include, strength, flexibility and balance training.  We can also help you get stronger for a specific sport or activity, like golf, tennis, horseback riding, etc.

Each session takes place in a private fully-equipped room and at this segment, we also coach you on how to best integrate exercise into your life and make it a habitual behavior.

At the end of each session you have the option to use any of our aerobic equipment, which includes, treadmill, bike, elliptical or rowing machine, up to 30 minutes.


$60 per session +tax, when you buy one session at a time.

$55 per session +tax, when you buy 4 sessions at a time ($220 +tax)

$50 per session +tax, when you buy 8 sessions at a time.($400 +tax)

About Our Personal Training Services

Preparing Food

About Our Nutritional Coaching

At Live Your Way Thin we approach nutrition very differently than most other nutritionist.  We are not going to give you some diet to follow or tell you how many calories to eat, because when it comes to sustainable weight loss, diets and counting calories don’t work. What does work, is adapting 5 simple eating behaviors into your life.


In my 29 years in the weight loss field I have identified 5 healthy eating behaviors that have the biggest impact on people’s weight and health.  If you look at all healthy regions around the world you will notice that they have these 5 eating behaviors in common.  100% of our clients who adapted these 5 eating behaviors into their lives, lost weight and improved their health.  


Through a combination of one on one consultations and our own app, we will coach you how to develop and make completely habitual these 5 heathy eating behaviors so you can lose all the weight that you want and improve your health in the process.  Best of all, because you will be losing the weight through permanent changes in your habitual behaviors, you will have a very easy time maintaining the results for life.

How It Works

First, we have a 60-minute initial consultation at which we go over your current eating habits and lifestyle and create an action plan of how to best adapt the 5 healthy behaviors into your life.


The way we help you implement that action plan into your life, is through our App and one 30-minute consultation per month.

The app gives you access to your coach between consultations, for any questions you might have on the habit you are working on or help you might need to overcome obstacles that get in your way of adapting that habit into your life.  

In addition, with this app you will be able to track your progress on each of the healthy eating habits you are working on and you coach can actually monitor your progress.

This app will also have all the information you need to know about all the healthy behaviors you need to implement into your life.   (All the consultations can be done online or at our facility)


$290 for the first month, which includes 3, 30-minute consultation (online or in person)


$220 for each additional month, which include two 30-minute consultations.


(There is a major discount if you are also doing personal training at our facility)

I would like to invite you to a Free Weight Loss Strategy Session

In this "Weight Loss Strategy Session”, you will:

  • Get clarity of exactly what you need to do to lose weight for life

  • Finally understand why you have not been able to achieve sustainable weight loss

  • Discover the 5 essential behaviors for a lean and healthy body which all healthy regions around the world have in common

  • Discover the #1 mistake that sabotage countless people’s efforts to lose weight and get in shape.

  • Learn how with our services we help people make completely habitual these 5 essential behaviors for a lean and healthy body.

  • Then ending with: Walk away with a clear idea of how sustainable weight loss and great health can be achieved and how our services works.

From this Strategy session, we also get to learn about you and see if our program is the right fit for you.  We never want anyone to join if we feel our program is not right for them.

From there, you can make an informed decision, if our approach to sustainable weight loss and great health, is right for you.  I want to emphasize that there is absolutely no obligation to join!

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