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Fat No More

How To Lose Weight So It Stays Off For Life!"

This is not just another weight loss book.  This is a how to lose weight and improve your health FOR LIFE, book.


If you are looking for sustainable weight loss, this book is for you!

It uses a simple, no BS approach, that eliminates the root cause of weight gain and bad health and is based on how healthy regions around the world maintain their great health.

Using this book as your guide, you will get your body to look the way nature intended, Lean, and Healthy!

About Fat No More

Have you lost weight many times before but always gained it back? 

Do you wonder if you could ever lose the weight and keep it off? 

The answer is YES with the ease-to-use Fat No More Book.

Using, lose weight for life coach Stavros Mastrogiannis’ unique Live Your Way Thin System, you will develop 5 simple healthy habits.

That mean you will not just lose the weight you want, but keep it off with easy and greatly improved health in the process.

Stavros has helped thousands of people lose the weight and more importantly keep it off over the last 29 years.

Yes, the fact is, you could lose weight by counting calories, measuring your food, eliminating certain foods from your diet, or through hard workouts, HOWEVER….


                  …NONE of those methods are practical in the real world, and they are very hard to live with, and that is why the vast majority of people using those methods end up quitting and regaining the weight back.

With FAT NO MORE, you will learn a completely different way to lose weight, which will enable you to keep it off effortlessly.

This book is based on how people who live in healthy regions around the world, can maintain their excellent health and lean bodies, effortlessly!


  • A way to lose weight for life that works with human nature AND VERY EASY TO APPLY!

  • The 7 healthy behaviors that all healthy regions have in common.

  • How to change your habits permanently, with the least amount of effort.

  • How to eliminate cravings WITHOUT eliminating junk food from your house. (much easier than you might think
    And MUCH MORE…

You’ll love this comprehensive book on HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FOR LIFE because it’s easy to follow and apply its advice into your life!
More importantly, you’ll love the results!

Get it now.

What People Say About "Fat No More"

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