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Stavros Mastrogiannis
The Practical Fintess Coach

Stavros Mastrogiannis

Schedule Your Free Discovery Session 

NOTE: The Free Discovery Session takes place at our Facility Live Your Way Thin, which is located in Danbury CT, next to the Mill Plain Diner.

Discover Fitness on Autopilot


At Live Your Way Thin, we have a unique approach to weight loss and health that makes it very easy to maintain the results. We call our approach Fitness on Autopilot because by the end of it all the behaviors that helped you lose weight and get in shape would be on autopilot, in other words habitual.

Our approach follows the example of the Blue Zones


Blue Zones are regions around the earth where people live long, healthy lives free from most modern diseases. Most of all, they can effortlessly maintain their great shape.


What people need to realize about the Blue Zones is that what keeps them in shape is not just the foods they eat, but how they eat those foods.  Did you know that you can eat the worst foods, but there is a way to eat them that will not affect your weight or health?


With our Fitness on Autopilot system you will learn how to eat so you can lose all the weight you want and improve your health without having to be as strict with what you eat.  You will also learn how to incorporate exercise into your life without taking up any of your free time.


If you are interested in learning about our unique approach to weight loss and health and how it will help you not just lose the weight you want but keep it off effortlessly, schedule a Free Discovery Session.


Our Fitness on Autopilot system is unlike any other weight loss program on the market today, and most importantly, it works with human nature, which makes it very easy to adapt to your life.


If you have been struggling with losing weight schedule the Free Discovery Session and let me show you a much easier way to lose weight and keep it off.  There is absolutely no obligation to join and no high-pressure sales pitch at the end of the session. 


Our coaching services start at only $247 per month, and there are no contracts. You can work with us for as little or as long as you need to achieve the results you want.


NOTE: If none of our available times fit your schedule, please send us an email with the days and times you are available. Please make sure you include your Time Zone.  You can email us at: 

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