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"We are all about sustainable and healthy weight loss"

Stavros Mastrogiannis

Schedule Your Free 
Introductory Session Below

I would like to invite you to a Free Introductory Session 

There are many weight loss and fitness programs out there.   I believe the best program is the one that you can live with.  As practical and effective as my system might be at helping people lose weight for life, it might not be suitable for you.


That is why I like to invite you to this Free Introductory 

Session to see if our approach to sustainable weight loss and excellent health is the right fit for you.  There is no obligation to join and absolutely no sales pressure.  


In this Free Initial Session, you will:

  • Get clarity of exactly what you need to do to lose weight for life

  • Get clarity on exactly how our sustainable weight loss system works and why people have a very easy time maintaining the results with our approach.

  • Identify all the major obstacles that prevent you from achieve your fitness goals

  • Discover the 5 essential behaviors for a lean and healthy body which all healthy regions around the world have in common

  • Discover the #1 mistake that sabotages countless people’s efforts to lose weight and get in shape.


You will walk away from this consultation with a clear idea of how you can achieve sustainable and healthy weight loss and how our services work.


From there, you can make an informed decision if our approach to sustainable weight loss and excellent health is right for you.  


I want to emphasize that there is absolutely no obligation to join!  If you don’t feel our approach is right for you after this session, we part ways as friends.  There is no pressure selling.


If you think that this is the right approach for you, we go ahead, sign you up for the service that is right for you and schedule the time when you would like to start.

When you click to book your session, there are a few question about your fitness goals and your current eating and activity habits.  Please answer the questions the best you can.  It will help us get the most out of the Initial Consultation.  If you don't want to answer a question just put N/A in box for the answer.

NOTE: If none of our available times fit your schedule, please send us an email with the days and times you are available. Please make sure you include your Time Zone.  You can email us at: 

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