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Getting Started

I am not going to claim that this is the most effective fitness program in the world.  There are many fitness programs out there that are as effective as The Stavros Method.  But, you will be hard pressed to find a fitness program that is easier to adapt into your life and live with, than The Stavros Method.  That is what make is the most effective system, when it come to sustainable results.

However, as good as The Stavros Method is, it will not make any significant difference in the weight loss battle our society is currently fighting if only a limited number of people have access to it.


That is why I offer 3 ways to join my system, based on where you live and your budget.  Below you will find the 3 ways you can join and the main Benefits of each way.  Pick the one that best fits your needs

The 3 Ways To Join

Personal Training & Coaching at Our Facility in Danbury

Online Coaching & Training

The Stavros Method
Subscription Plan

Before Workout

  Main Features & Benefits

  • Private Live Coaching

  • All workouts are customized to your needs and the equipment you have available

  • You will learn how to make healthy eating a habitual behavior

  • App to help you keep track of your habits, communicate with your coach and access the exercise videos

Perfect for people who want to get in shape for life while still enjoying life including junk food, but don't live near our facility or prefer online coaching.

Online Workout

  Main Features & Benefits

  • Step by Step Instructions on how to develop the habits that will put your weight loss on autopilot

  • Very Affordable 

  • 3 Levels to fit any needs

  • Email support

  • Access to great tasting Mediterranean recipes

Perfect for people who want to get in shape for life while still enjoying life and all their favorite food but have a limited budget to invest in a private coach

 Main Features & Benefits

  • Personal Attention

  • Hands On Instructions

  • You will be training in a private fully equipped room

  • We can help you with your eating habits too with our nutritional program

  • We won't just help you get a good workout, we will coach you how to make exercising a habit.

Perfect for people who live near Danbury CT and want to get in shape for life, while still enjoying their life including all their favorite foods

"The end results of all 3 choices is weight loss and better health that you can maintain for life with minimum effort"

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