How Our System Works

The Live Your Way Thin System was created with REAL LIFE in mind.
NO counting calories, NO measuring food, NO special foods to eat AND NO Crazy Workouts!
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What Makes The Live Your Way Thin System So Effective?

Your body is designed by nature to be lean and healthy.  If your body is not lean and healthy, it is not because there is something wrong with your body, but because there is something wrong with your habits.  


Due to the modern lifestyle, we no longer live and eat the way nature intended.  Most people in the modern societies have developed too many unnatural behaviors and don’t engaging in enough healthy behaviors to counteract the unhealthy ones and our health and weight is paying the price.


In my 29 years in the weight loss field I have discovered that for 98% of the population there are only 5 simple habits that they need to introduce into their lives in order to lose weight, and greatly improve their health.


I did not invent these 5 healthy behaviors.  I discovered them as I was reflecting on my own upbringing, which was on a very healthy island in Greece and also studying healthy regions around the world. 


What I discovered is that all healthy regions around the world had these 5 healthy behaviors in common including the island where I was raised.  That is not a coincidence. 


What I also found was that these 5 healthy behaviors used to be part of all human societies, but due to modern lifestyle most people have moved away from them.  This is the main reason why most people in modern societies are overweight and their health is suffering. 


The great news for 98% of the people is that all they have to do in order to lose weight and improve their health is to introduce these 5 simple habits back into their life and that is exactly what my Live Your Way Thin System will help you do.

With Live Your Way Thin System you will learn the complete solution to sustainable weight loss and vibrant health!
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How We Will Help You Make The 5 Behaviors Habitual

When it comes to developing new habitual behaviors did you know that your mindset makes all the difference?   This is why the first thing we help our clients with, is to develop a healthy mindset that will support the development of the 5 essential behaviors.

Our whole system on how to develop new habitual behaviors is based on the Kaizen philosophy. Kaizen is an ancient asian philosophical system on how to apply change if you want the change to last.

Kaizen, is perhaps the best way to apply new behaviors into your life if you want those behaviors to take root and become permanent and completely habitual.

It is based on an ancient Asian philosophical system on how to best apply change.  Many very successful people and companies have used Kaizen to implement all the necessary changes to achieve sustainable success. 


One of the most famous companies is Toyota. Toyota used the Kaizen philosophy to go from a company that was going bankrupt, to one of the top car manufacturers in the world. 

With the Live Your Way Thin System we use the same strategy to help our clients adapt and make completely habitual the 5 healthy behaviors which will enable their body to return to its natural state, which is lean, healthy and full of energy.  


Don't Let Past Failures To Lose Weight Stop You From Trying One More Time!

Currently 95% of people who lose weight regain the weight back. That is because most weight loss programs help people lose weight and get in shape through very unnatural behaviors like, counting calories, measuring your food, eliminated whole food groups and overly intense workouts.  


These unnatural behaviors go against human nature and can never become habitual and they almost always lead to burnout.  So if you have failed to lose weight or to keep it off in the past, it is not because you are lacking discipline or there is something wrong with you, but because there is something seriously wrong with the way most of the popular weight loss programs approach weight loss.

With the Live Your Way Thin System you will have a very easy time maintaining the results you will achieve because, the 5 healthy behaviors through which you will be achieve a lean and heathy body, work with human nature and can become completely habitual with a little practice.

Choose The plan that best fits your life! 

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The 5 Essential Behaviors For a Lean & Healthy Body, That We Will Help You Develop!

Exercise Or Being Active Regularly

Taking Regular Breaks From Food

Eating Only When Hungry Most of the Time

Eating Slowly & Mindfully and Stopping When Satisfied

Treating Junk Food Special and Have it Once in a While

WARNING:  Knowing these 5 healthy behaviors is only half of the solution to sustainable weight loss...   The other half is knowing how to apply these 5 behaviors into your life and make them habitual, without burning yourself out and quitting!

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