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Not All Shorts are Created Equal

Up until now, I never gave it too much thought to shorts. That all changed when I was asked to review the Born Tough short. When I first said yes to the idea of doing a review on shorts, I thought how much different they could be from all other shorts I have had over the years.

Let me tell you, Born Tough Shorts are very different from any other shorts I have. For one thing, the fabric they are using is much more durable than other workout shorts I have, and they have taken extra care to ensure the seams don't come apart.

They are very supportive in all the right spots, and they are very comfortable to work out in. I love that it has a pocket with a zipper, especially when I am working out outside and need a secure pocket to put my car keys. Also, the side pocket on the thigh is big enough to fit my phone comfortably, and where the pocket is situated does not interfere with my leg workout.

On a scale of 1 to 10, "10" being the best, I give Born Tough shorts a "10" for comfort, a "10" for design, and a "10" for durability.

Judging by the shorts, I think Born Tough and their sister brand Elite Sports are putting out some great products.

Stavros Mastrogiannis

Sustainable Weight Loss Coach

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