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About Our Personal Training Services 

"The first goal of an exercise program should not be results, but to develop the exercise habit, if you want sustainable results"

The only way to maintain the results you achieve through exercising is to keep exercising. The best way to keep up with your exercise routine is NOT motivation because motivation comes and goes. The best way is to make exercising a habitual behavior. Once you make exercising a habitual behavior, then push for better results.  This way, you will have a much lesser chance of burning out. To make exercising a habitual behavior, you must approach exercising very differently than if you were just going for results. At Live Your Way Thin, through our personal training sessions, we won't just help you get a good workout; we will help you make exercising a habitual behavior. 

Short Efficient Sessions

Long workouts are not necessarily more effective workouts.  As a matter of fact, longer workouts are harder to fit into your week and more likely to skip.  At Live Your Way Thin we believe the best workout is the one you will do and do consistently.  


As you probably know, consistency is the key to sustainable results.   That is why at Live Your Way Thin we made our sessions only 30 minutes long, so people can easily fit them into their schedule and less likely to skip.

Each session is customized to your needs and includes strength, flexibility, and balance training.  We can also help you get stronger for a specific sport or activity, like golf, tennis, horseback riding, etc.

Each session takes place in a private fully equipped room.  During our session we also coach you on how to best integrate exercise into your life and make it a habitual behavior.

At the end of each session, you have the option to use any of our aerobic equipment, which includes, treadmill, bike, elliptical or rowing machine, up to 30 minutes.


One on One
Personal Training

Cost Of Personal Training Sessions:

  • $60 per session +tax, when you buy one session at a time.

  • $55 per session +tax, when you buy 4 sessions at a time. (Total: $220 +tax)

  • $50 per session +tax, when you buy 8 sessions at a time.(Total: $400 +tax)

For an additional $10 per session, you can have a friend join your workouts.

Medicine Balls

Share The Session with a Friend

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Need help changing your eating habits?

If you need help with developing healthy eating habits and eliminating unhealthy ones, you can add nutritional coaching to your program.  To learn more about our nutritional coaching program and how it works, click on the button below.

Get Our Workout App

If you would like to do some workouts with us and some on your own I highly recommend to sign up for our workout app.

The app allows your coach to upload videos of exercises you should be doing on your own and he/she can update the exercises as you progress.

Also he/she can keep track of the workouts that you are doing on your own to make sure you stay consistent.


(You must sign up for at least one personal training package to be eligible for the app.)

ONLY $29 per Month

Using Mobile Phone

Getting Started

To get started or you are not sure if our personal training services is right for you and you would like to find out more, go ahead and schedule a Free Initial Consultation with Stavros.  To book your consultation simply scroll down this page and book it online, or call us at (203) 778-9545 and leave us a message with the days and times your are available to come in for the consultation.  

Book Your Free Initial Consultation Below:

NOTE: There is absolutely no obligation to join and no sales pressure.

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