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Online Workout

Online Personal Training & Coaching for Sustainable Weight Loss

Through our online coaching program, we will help you make completely habitual five healthy behaviors that all healthy regions around the world have in common. These five healthy behaviors are the key to sustainable and healthy weight loss.

Online Nutritional Coaching

If you talk to most nutritionists about losing weight, besides tracking calories, they will tell you to eliminate junk food and cut down on high-carb foods, like pasta and bread. This advice has been given to people for years but based on the statistics, it's pretty safe to say they have not been producing results, or to be more precise, they have not been producing sustainable results.

Yes, if you count calories, eliminate junk food, and cut down on your carbs, anyone can lose weight.  The problem is, very few people can live with those changes. To be exact, it's only around 5%; the rest end up quitting and regaining the weight.


At Live Your Way Thin, we like to keep things simple.  With our nutritional program, there is no counting calories, no cutting down on carbs, and there is diffidently no eliminating junk food.  We are not going to try to change all your eating habits.  The truth is, you don’t need to change all your eating habits in order to lose weight and improve your health, you only five.


So, how do we help people lose weight for life?  Simple.  In my 29 years in the fitness field, I have identified five eating habits that all healthy regions worldwide have in common, including where I was raised in Greece.  I found that these five healthy behaviors have the biggest impact on people's weight and health, more so than any other eating behaviors I have tried.  Best of all, these five healthy behaviors can become completely habitual and part of your everyday life with a bit of practice.  So, unlike counting calories and measuring carbs, which require a lot of thinking, no thinking is needed once these five eating behaviors become habitual.

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A Fit YOU For Life

A Fit YOU For Life is a weight loss subscription plan unlike any other. It is based on the Live Your Way Thin system, which focuses on 5 specific ancient behaviors that significantly impact weight and health.

But this subscription plan goes beyond these 5 healthy habits.  

Just like in Healthy regions, where through their traditions, they pass down from generation to generation all their healthy habits, this subscription plan can help you do the same.  


Besides getting yourself in shape in a way that you will be able to maintain it with ease, with this subscription plan, you will also be developing healthy traditions, which you can pass down to your kids and grandkids and help them have a healthier start in life.

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