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Personal Training & Coaching

At Our Facility in Danbury CT


Personal Training

The only way to maintain the results you achieve through exercising is to keep exercising.  The best way to keep up with your exercise routine is NOT motivation because motivation comes and goes.  The best way is to make exercising a habitual behavior.  In other words, something you do without having to think about it.  To make exercising a habitual behavior, you must approach exercising differently than if you were going for results.  Don't get me wrong, results are what we want to achieve, but if you want those results to last, you must first focus on making exercising a habitual behavior before concentrating on results.  


At Live Your Way Thin, through our personal training sessions, we won't just help you get a good workout; we will help you make exercising a habitual behavior so the results you will achieve through our training can be maintained with minimum effort.


Short Efficient Session

Longer workouts are not necessarily more effective workouts.  One of the major drawbacks of longer workouts is that they are harder to fit into your week and more likely to skip.  At Live Your Way Thin, we believe the best workout is the one you can best fit into your day because that is the one you are more likely to do consistently, and consistency is the key to results.

As I mentioned earlier, the key to sustainable results is making exercising a habitual behaviors and consistency is the key to making a new behavior habitual.   That is why at Live Your Way Thin, we made our sessions only 30 minutes long, so people can easily fit them into their schedule and are less likely to skip.  In addition, a 30-minute workout, if you do it 2 to 3 times per week, is enough to get any desired results.  The only people who need to workout more than 30 minutes are people who are competing in a professional sport or trying out for the Olympics.

Each session is customized to your needs and includes strength, flexibility, and balance training.  We can also help you get stronger for a specific sport or activity, like golf, tennis, horseback riding, etc.

Each session takes place in a private, fully equipped room.  During our session, we also coach you on how to integrate exercise into your life best and make it a habitual behavior.

At the end of each session, you can use any of our aerobic equipment, which includes a treadmill, bike, elliptical or rowing machine, for up to 30 minutes.


  • $65 per session, when you buy one at a time

  • $60 per session, when you buy a 5-session package. (Total: $300 plus sales tax.)

  • $55 per session, when you buy 9-session package. (Total: $495 plus sales tax) 

If you are interested in our services and how we can help you lose weight and get in shape for life, I would like to invite you to a Free Introductory Session.

Nutritional Coaching For Weight Loss That Stays Off

This is not your typical nutritional coaching program.  Our goal is not just to give you some dietary advice that will help you lose weight only to regain it.  Our goal is to teach you how to lose weight for life without having to be thinking about your diet and counting calories constantly.  If you always have to worry about your diet to keep the weight off, it is only a matter of time before you get tired and revert to your old eating habits, thus regaining the weight.  That is, unfortunately, what happens with most diet programs.

My nutritional coaching program follows the example of healthy regions.  You don't see the people in healthy regions worrying about their diet or what they can or can't eat, yet they maintain their lean and healthy bodies effortlessly.  How?  I had the good fortune of being born and raised in a very healthy region in Greece, and I know firsthand how people in healthy regions are able to maintain their excellent health effortlessly.  I can tell you it is different from the way most fitness experts recommend.  

Imagine losing all the weight you want and having an effortless time maintaining it.  Would that be great?  Well, you don't have to imagine it; I can help you make that a reality through my nutritional coaching program.

My coaching program follows the example of healthy regions and how people there are able to stay lean and healthy effortlessly.  By the end of my coaching program, you will not just have the lean and healthy body you want or at least be on your way to achieving it, but you will have an effortless time maintaining it, just like the people in healthy regions.  



This is a 4-month nutritional program with the option to extend if you need more time.  The investment is between $797 to $997 for all four months. 


If you want to learn more about my unconventional nutritional coaching program and how it can help you lose weight for life, I invite you to a Free Introductory Session.  


Click on the button below to learn more about this Free Introductory Session and how to schedule it.

Nutritional Cooking
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