The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey Got It Right.

Recently I read an article on yahoo about how Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, eats and lives.  He basically eats once per day, he does ice baths combined with hot sauna and fasts regularly.  That article received over one thousand comments, many of them criticizing Jack Dorsey on his practice of eating once per day.  

I can understand how the concept of eating only once per day sounds to the average person who has been brought up believing that the best way to eat is 3 meals per day plus snacks.  If you look at healthy regions around the world you will find out that they eat more like Jack Dorsey and not the way mainstream nutritionists are teaching people to eat in our country.

I have been in the weight loss field for over 25 years and I too was teaching my clients to eat 3 or more times per day, because that is what I was taught in school.  However, due to my upbringing, it did not take me long to wake up and realize how wrong, the idea of eating 3 or more times per day actually is for your health and weight.

When I lived in Greece in the 70s and 80s, adults only ate once or twice per day.  If they ate twice, one of the meals was very small.  Keep in mind on the island I was raised in Greece, people lived long healthy lives and thin was the norm.  Now, if you go back to Greece, people are not nearly as healthy or thin and if you look at one of the things that changed was how often people ate.  Now, people in Greece eat 3 or more times per day and they suffer similar health and weight problems as the rest of the western world.

I have done extensive research on the subject of how often one should eat for optimum health, and my conclusions are that eating once or twice per day is the best way to eat.  The human body needs a break from food for optimum health and there is plenty of research to back that statement up.   Don't you find it interesting that all healthy regions around the world, on average they only eat once or twice per day and fast regularly?

The problem today is that people don't eat out of true hunger, this is why they feel the need to eat more often.  Once you learn to eat out of true hunger, you will find yourself not needing to eat more than once or twice per day and you will have energy to spare!

Personally, Monday through Friday, I too, eat only once per day and just like with Jack Dorsey, it really helps my thinking and energy during the day.  On the weekends I do relax, and I could eat more often if I feel like it.  I believe in the 80/20.  If you eat the perfect way 80% of the time, your body will forgive you for the 20% of the day when you don't.

Another great benefit of eating once per day is that your body is more forgiving if you are not eating the perfect foods. 

My message to the people who criticized Jack Dorsey for eating only once per day is to do some reading on the subject of eating less often and how good is for your health and weight.  While you're at it, do some reading on how the popular ideas of eating 3 square meals plus snacks came about.  Look at all the studies that support the idea of 3 meals per day and who paid for them. You will find a lot of those studies were paid and promoted by special interest groups who profit from us eating more.  In my 25 years plus in the weight loss field I have come to realize that many of the popular beliefs we have on weight loss and health, have become popular, not because they are correct, but because of smart marketing by special interest groups who benefit from those popular beliefs.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of eating less often read my report "The Benefits of Hunger".  If you would like to receive that report, send me an email to  with "Hunger Report" in the subject line and I will email it to you.  This report is a real eye-opener.

As far as the ice baths and hot sauna combination, they too have tremendous benefits to your health and that is something that I also do regularly, but that is a subject for another blog.

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