What is Wrong With a Slow Metabolic Rate?

A slow metabolic rate is usually one of the reasons people give as to why they gain weight easily. If you do a search on Google or YouTube, you will find hundreds of articles and videos on how you can speed up your metabolic rate. The question I would like to ask all those fitness professionals who promote ways to increase your metabolic rate is this; what is wrong with a slow metabolic rate, health-wise?

The answer is nothing! A slow metabolic rate is an efficient metabolic rate. What is wrong with being efficient? Other than the fact that you can't indulge on as much food, having an efficient metabolic rate is a great thing for your health. Speeding up your metabolic rate by eating a certain way, or excessive exercising is actually bad for your health. If you have a slow (efficient) metabolic rate, don't try to speed it, find other ways to entertain yourself other than food. Did you know, the only proven way to increase longevity is to decrease caloric intake? So if you have a slow (efficient) metabolic rate you can get away with eating less food than people with faster metabolic rates, so you have a much better chance of living a longer and healthier life. So basically you should consider yourself lucky. The problem with our society is that we no longer eat food out of true hunger, which is the only reason we should be eating, at least most of the time. Food has become a way of entertaining ourselves. So, somebody with a slow metabolic rate, or the way I would like to call it, an efficient metabolic rate, can't use food as entertainment as much as somebody with a faster metabolic rate. If you have a slow metabolic rate and you are overweight, the answer is not to try to artificially speed up your metabolic rate, the answer is to find other ways to entertain yourself other than food. I have been helping people lose weight and keep it off for over 25 years, and I can tell you that there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself without having to overeat. You just have to look for those ways and you will find them. Here is another fact that I think many people don't know. The biggest difference between people who gain weight easily and people who don't is not their metabolic rate. The biggest difference is the absorption rate. In other words, two people can eat the exact same amount of food, it does not mean their body will absorb all the calories contained in the food they ate. Some people's bodies are more efficient and can absorb most of the calories from the food they eat, and others, their body is not as efficient, so their body absorbs a lot fewer calories from the same meal. This is how they can get away with overeating without gaining weight. By the way, just because they don't gain weight, it does not make them healthy. The only way to increase your metabolic rate, without a negative effect on your health, is to increase your lean muscle mass through some form of resistance training. In my opinion, manipulating your diet so you can increase your metabolic rate is not a very good idea when it comes to health and I would advise you against it.

Here is one thing I want you to keep in mind. When you eat less often and only when truly hungry, you get a lot more pleasure out of your meal than when you eat more often and not hungry. I am speaking from personal experience.

Stavros Mastrogiannis The how to lose weight for life expert Founder of the Live Your Way Thin System.

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