Your Metabolic Rate Will Not Slow Down Because You Skipped a Meal.

Many people have been convinced by the diet industry that if you skip a meal or if you go for too long without eating, your body will go into starvation mode causing the slowdown of your resting metabolic rate - and also triggering the body to hold on to its fat reserves. That is why they advise people to never skip a meal or to go for too long without eating.

The diet industry is dead wrong. Your resting metabolic rate does not slow down, and your body does not try to hold on to the fat reserves just because you missed a meal or because you did not eat all day. You need to not eat for over 72 hours before your resting metabolic rate starts to slow down and even then, not always.  As a matter of fact, your resting metabolic rate goes up slightly and your body actually burns more fat, in the first few days of fasting. This is according to a research study published in June of 2000 in American Society for Clinical Nutrition and they have been many other studies to support these finding.

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