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Blue Zone Method

Our Mission

"Our  mission is to help our clients lose the weight they want and get in great shape with the least amount of effort and do it in a way that is effortless to maintain"

About Live Your Way Thin

About Our Approach to Sustainable Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why most people who lose weight end up regaining the weight back?  Only around 5% of people who lose weight with the current methods of weight loss are able to keep the weight off.


To better understand why so few, people are able to keep the weight off, there are a few things you need to know about human nature.


The first thing you need to know about human nature is that we are creatures of habit.  According to cognitive neuroscientists, 95% of our day is run by our subconscious mind, in other words, habitual behaviors.  Our conscious mind, or if you like, the thinking part of the brain, only runs 5% of our day.  The reason is that our conscious mind has very limited processing power.  It can only do one thing at a time, whereas the subconscious mind has vast processing power and can do thousands of things simultaneously.

So, it makes sense to give all the repetitive tasks to the subconscious mind, so our conscious mind is free for more important tasks.

The second thing you need to know about human nature is that it always wants to take the easiest path possible.  That is why we tend to go back to our old habits because habitual actions are much easier to take than those that are not habitual and require the conscious mind.  People don't realize how much effort it takes to think.  For those of you who have a thinking job, you know.  Too much thinking can leave anyone exhausted, and the more behaviors you work on that are not habitual, the more thinking required and thus effort.  Too much thinking leads to burnout in most cases.


The third thing you need to know about human nature is that we want what we can't have.  When you say to yourself that you can't eat a particular food, you will find that you crave that food even more.  That is part of the reason why very restrictive diets don't work.  Yes, we can all resist for a while, but sooner or later, most people end up giving in, and once they do, they end up binging.


Keep these 3 things in mind about human nature, and let's look at how most fitness programs approach weight loss.

3 Downfalls of Most Fitness Programs

If you look at the action most fitness programs ask you to take to lose weight, like counting calories, points, measuring your food, etc., those actions can never become habitual, so they rely on the conscious mind to keep taking those actions.  Your conscious mind only runs 5% of your day and, in most cases, already has a lot of things that it needs to work on.  Having to Keep track of your diet is a big ask for most people, leading to burnout in most cases.  If you look at the people who can stick with the current weight loss methods, they usually don't have a busy life, so they can devote a lot of conscious time to their diet without burning out.


Another downfall of most fitness programs is their introduction of new healthy behaviors into people's lives.  To help people lose weight as fast as possible, they introduce all the new behaviors that will help them lose weight, all at once instead of one at a time, which would make more sense.  All those new actions rely on the conscious mind; as I said earlier, that takes a lot of mental effort, creating discomfort.  So even if these actions have the potential to become habitual, chances are they will not because most people will not be able to stick with them long enough to become habitual.


The third downfall especially most diets, is that they have people eliminate whole food groups or types of foods they eat.   That goes again human nature and causes people to crave foods they can't have.  Yes, if you can avoid the foods you eliminated long enough, eventually the cravings will go away.  Unfortunately, it is a tiny number of people who can do that.


So basically most fitness programs go again human nature and that is why the vast majority of people cannot keep the weight off after losing it with those programs


The 3 Factor For Success

There are 3 factors that you must take into consideration when designing a weight loss program if you want that program to deliver sustainable results.


Success Factor #1: The health behaviors that you engage in to lose weight, must become habitual.

As I mentioned earlier, humans are creatures of habit.  It is essential for sustainable results that the health behaviors through which you lose weight and improve your health have the potential of becoming habitual.  Remember, your subconscious mind runs 95% of your day because your conscious mind does not have the processing power to handle everything going on in your life.  With most people already having too many things on their minds, it is essential that the subconscious mind can take over the new behaviors through which they lose weight.  


Success Factor #2: Develop the most impactful healthy behaviors first.

Hundreds of healthy behaviors affect your weight and health, but not all have the same impact.  Some healthy habits are more impactful than others.  Because nobody can implement all the healthy behaviors out there, it makes sense that you should focus on the most impactful ones first.   The good news is that if you pick the right behaviors to develop, you will not need to develop many healthy behaviors to lose weight and improve your health.


Success Factor #3: You must introduce the new healthy behaviors into your life the right way.

You can't just introduce new behaviors into your life and expect those behaviors to become habitual.  You must introduce new behaviors into your life a certain way if you want them to become habitual and be taken over the subconscious mind.  So besides making sure any new behavior has the potential of becoming habitual, you must also take the right approach to make sure they have the chance of becoming habitual.


The Blue Zone Method Takes into Consideration all 3 Factors

The Blue Zone Method, which is the system we use at Live Your Way Thin, takes into consideration all 3 factors to ensure that our clients don't just lose the weight they want and improve their health, but they have an effortless time maintaining the results

Through his 30 years in the fitness field, Stavros, the creator of The Blue Zone Method, has identified 4 healthy behaviors that have the most significant impact on people's weight and health. With the right approach, these 4 healthy behaviors can become habitual and part of anyone's life. 100% of his clients who have engaged in these 4 healthy behaviors have lost weight and significantly improved their health.


Another fact you should know about The Blue Zone Method is that it is one of the few wellness programs that teach both parts of proper nutrition.  You see, proper nutrition is not just about WHAT you eat, but HOW you eat. HOW you eat is as important if not more important than what you eat.  You could eat the same food but depending on how you eat it, it could affect your weight and health entirely differently. One of the great benefits of learning HOW to eat is that you don't need to be as strict with WHAT you eat.  By learning how to eat, you can have a lean and healthy body and eat your cupcakes too.

How You Introduce New Behaviors Into Your Life Matters

As important as these 4 healthy behaviors are, they are not what makes The Blue Zone Method arguably the most effective wellness program for sustainable weight loss.  What makes it so effective, is how it introduces these new habits into people's lives.

The approach we take to introduce new healthy habits into people's lives is based on the kaizen method.  Kaizen is an ancient Asian philosophical system on how to apply changes to people's lives, so the changes have the best chance to take root and become permanent.


Many weight loss programs can help you lose weight and improve your health, but when it comes to sustainable weight loss, you will be hard-pressed to find one that is more effective than The Blue Zone Method.


Main Benefits of Our Weight Loss Approach

  • Very easy to follow and incorporate into your life. (no counting calories, points, measuring your food, or crazy workouts)

  • Although willpower and motivation are required to get started, none is required to maintain the results

  • Because you will be achieving your weight loss through permanent changes in your habitual behaviors, you will have a very easy time keeping the weight off

  • You don't have to give up any of your favorite foods

  • You still get to enjoy life while losing weight and getting in shape.


If you would like to see if The Blue Zone Method is right for you, schedule a Free Discovery Session by Clicking the button below.

Stavros Mastrogiannis

About Stavros

As weight-loss experts go, Stavros Mastrogiannis is unusual. 


How many weight-loss experts graduated from The Culinary Institute of America? How many of them grew up on a beautiful Greek Island where people were naturally thin and healthy and lived productive lives well into their 90s? 


The answer is just one:  Stavros Mastrogiannis.


Yet Stavros’ nearly 30-year career in weight loss and fitness was not something he planned on. He came to those fields only when he discovered that few experts were capable of helping ordinary people like him, typical folks who did not like to exercise and did not want to give up junk food but still yearned to be healthier. Stavros developed the plan he wished had been shared with him and is based on the five ancient secrets the people on his birthplace island practiced. He calls it The Stavros Method.


Stavros wrote Fat No More and two other books on weight loss. He held two ACE (American Council on Exercise) certifications for 20 years and has organized many fitness and weight-loss events including the 2004 Danbury Weight Loss Challenge and partnered with St. Jude Children’s Hospital for the Get in Shape for 2007 Challenge. 

Sam Otey

About Sam Otey

Through intellectual curiosity, unique life experience, an enthusiasm for personal improvement, Sam has gained an intimate understanding of the extensive benefits of an active lifestyle. Through daily self-imposed physical challenges and multiple athletic disciplines, Sam has learned what it takes to instill mental fortitude and push the human body to new thresholds.

Sam has an extensive 9 years of training in Stavros’s approach to exercise and nutrition habits. Through Stavros’ method Sam has increased his awareness of the effects of nutrition, hunger, and habit on fitness and well being and has formed a more clear map for the prescription of exercise.


In addition Sam has been navigating his own journey of martial arts through Muay Thai and has risen to become the head striking coach at American Top Team’s Danbury location.


Sam offer’s training in kickboxing, pad work, flexibility and range of motion, core strength, balance and stability, agility and plyometrics, weight training, kettlebell training, and calisthenics. His ambition is to continue to cultivate a more innovative, modern, and interdisciplinary approach to achieving one’s fitness goals.


— Aristotle

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