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Currently at Live Your Way Thin we have 3 trainers that can help you incorporate the Live Your Way Thin System into your life so you will not just achieve the weight loss and great health you want, but also maintain your new shape effortlessly!

Stavros Mastrogiannis

Stavros Mastrogiannis, has been in the weight loss field for over 27 years. He specializes in helping people who live in the real world, lose weight in a way that enables them to keep it off, without sacrificing all their free time working out and without giving up all their favorite foods.

The fact is, losing weight and improving your health is a lot easier than how most fitness professionals make it.

There are thousands of weight loss experts out there with different opinions on weight loss and health. So, what makes his opinion better than theirs? That is a fair question to ask.

Early in his fitness career, he realized that he was part of a failing industry. Failing, not because it was not making money, the weight loss industry is making a lot of money. In 1992, the year Stavros got into the weight loss field, in American alone, we spent $30 billion on weight-loss products and services, and our weight as a nation went up that year. Today we are spending over $65 billion per year on weight-loss products and services, and our weight continues to go up as our health continues to deteriorate. That is why he calls it a failing industry because it does not deliver what it is supposed to be: weight loss and better health. 

He doesn’t think the industry is failing because fitness professionals don’t care. Yes, there are a lot of fitness professionals who are only in it for the money, but most fitness professionals care and want to help. Unfortunately, they have not been able to make any difference because of how they were taught to approach weight loss and health by their formal education.

The fact that fitness professionals need to realize is that not everything they learned in school or through their professional certifications about weight loss and health is correct. 

So, the big question is, how was Stavros able to come up with a sustainable solution to the weight problem, whereas all his fellow fitness professionals failed? He had the same education as other fitness professionals.

You see, most fitness professionals today get their education on fitness, health, and nutrition from a college, university, and professional certification course. There is nothing wrong with formal education. The problem with too much formal education is that sometimes it puts your thinking in a box. In other words, it limits your ability to think with an open mind, and if what you were taught was not 100% accurate, like in the case of fitness and health, you will have a tough time finding the answer that you are looking for.

The one thing that helped Stavros the most in finding a sustainable solution to the weight problem was his ability to think outside the box and think with an open mind. What gave him the ability to think outside the box was his upbringing. You see, unlike most fitness professionals who just studied health and fitness, he lived it firsthand. He was raised on a Greek island, where he was submerged in a very healthy culture. When he lived there, thin was the norm; people in the 90s lived productive lives free from most of the diseases that most older adults suffer and die from in the western world today. When he lived in Greece, he thought cancer was a rare disease, never mind because he did not know anyone who had it, he didn’t even know anyone who knew anyone who had cancer. Other diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson were none existent.

His upbringing caused him to question many of the things he learned in school about proper nutrition and health because they contradicted the way they lived and ate in Greece, and that kept his mind open to other possibilities. The one thing he realized earlier on was that just because something is taught in a University or a college, or because the person who said it had a Ph.D. does not necessarily make it right. We need to question everything we learn, and we need to make sure that what we learned makes sense to us. So, he was questioning everything he was learning and doing a lot of his research. He discovered that many of the things that colleges and universities were teaching their students about proper nutrition and health were completely or partially wrong. Unfortunately, special interest groups have a significant influence over what our colleges and universities teach their students. If that was not bad enough, they also have considerable influence over the government’s dietary recommendations. This is not a conspiracy theory; this is a fact with plenty of evidence to support it. Check out the book “Food Politics” by Marion Nestle. It explains how special interest groups influence governments and schools a lot of proof.

So basically, his upbringing caused him to question many of the things he learned in school and gave him the ability to think outside the box, which led him to the sustainable weight loss solution, which he teaches to his clients today.

Another thing that Stavros wants people to know about him, which helped him to better understand people who want to lose weight and improve their health, but don’t particularly love fitness, is that his is not a fitness nut. He didn’t get into the fitness industry because he loved fitness and exercising. He got into the fitness industry because he hated exercise and loved his junk food, but the fitness professionals and all the fitness books he read to try to get in shape were no help. He felt that they did not understand people like him who don’t love to exercise and don’t love to count calories or watching everything they eat.

Realizing that most people were like him, he saw a real need for a fitness professional who truly understands real people who don’t live to exercise or diet, but they want to exercise and eat right so they can live a long and healthy life.

Although he still doesn’t love exercising, it’s a habitual behavior that he does without much thought. He doesn’t spend any time thinking about his diet either because he has made healthy eating a habitual behavior. By the way, he still eats his junk food. You don’t need to eat perfectly to lose weight and be healthy; all you have to do is eat healthy most of the time.

Have Stavros Speak At Your Event

If you would like to have Stavros speak at your event, send him an email at:  stavros@liveyourwaythin.com  

Founder / Head Coach

Sam Otey

Lead Trainer

Through intellectual curiosity, unique life experience, and an enthusiasm for personal improvement, Sam has gained an intimate understanding of the extensive benefits of an active lifestyle. In addition to running and kayaking throughout his academic years, he has spent his most recent years testing his body, mind, and character with back-country trail and conservation work with the Student Conservation Association dedicating his time and energy to service and stewardship.

He has worked to create new trails and improve existing trails throughout the White Mountains and Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire and throughout the state of Florida on the state’s own national scenic trail. Through daily self-imposed physical challenges and multiple athletic disciplines, Sam has learned what it takes to instill mental fortitude and push the human body to new thresholds.


Sam has extensive training in Stavros’s approach to exercising. He is currently in the process of obtaining his personal trainer certification from ACE and is constantly seeking opportunities to recruit new knowledge, wisdom, and experience. His ambition is to continue to cultivate a more innovative, modern, and interdisciplinary approach to achieving one’s fitness goals.


Sam offers training in yoga and flexibility, core strength, and stability, plyometrics, circuit training, one on one and two on one cardio kickboxing and Muay Thai kickboxing.

Kimberly Marcus


Kimberly Marcus is not just an average personal trainer. She has been trained by Stavros Mastrogiannis to teach his unique approach to weight loss and was also a client of Live Your Way Thin for over 2 years and lost over 30 pounds using Stavros’ Live Your Way Thin System. Having gone through the Live Your Way Thin System herself, she has a clear understanding of the many challenges people face when trying to make changes in to their lives and come up with practical solutions.

Kimberly has been involved in the fitness field for over 12 years and holds a B.S. degree in psychology and an A.A. in Social Work. Throughout her professional experiences, Kimberly has approached challenges and obstacles in a determined fashion, teaching and sharing with others to help them achieve their personal successes.

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