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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I speak to you by phone or video chat to get more information before I join?

Yes, we offer a Free Habit Review Session for people that would like to learn more about our system and services.   There is no obligation to join and absolutely no sales pressure.  To schedule your Free Initial Consultation Click Here

How long until I see results?

The answer varies from person to person.  Some people begin to lose weight and see results right after implementing the first of the five initial healthy habits we teach.  Others need to implement all five habits before they lose weight, but the bottom line is that everyone loses weight and sees results by developing the 5 heathy habits from our system.  My advice is to take your time with each healthy behavior and make sure you make it completely habitual before moving to the next one.  Rushing to develop all 5 healthy habits just so you can lose weight fast only leads to burnout and regaining the weight back.  What is the point of losing weight fast if you are going to regain it.  Won’t your rather take your time and lose weight the sustainable way and never have to worry about your weight again?

Can I cancel anytime?

Although we hope that you would have developed at least the first 5 initial healthy habits we teach before canceling, you can cancel any subscription or membership at any time by simply giving us a 48-hour notice that you want to cancel.  For our personal training services there are no contracts.  You can buy as many or as few sessions as you like.

Can you describe the coaching program differences in a nutshell?

There are a few major differences between The Stavros Method and other weight loss approaches.  First, most weight loss programs try to have people make all the necessary changes in their dietary and activity habits all at once to lose weight fast.  Making so many changes in your life all at once almost always leads to burnout.  With our approach, we work on changing one behavior at a time, so your discomfort level stays very low, giving you the best chance of sticking with the new behavior long enough to become habitual.  Remember, sustainable weight loss can only be achieved through permanent changes in your habitual behaviors.  

The second big difference is that our approach does not require counting calories, measuring your food, or counting carbs.  You will learn how to instinctively eat the right amount of food through 3 simple “how to eat” habits, which all healthy regions around the world have in common.

The third big difference is that with our approach, we won’t have you eliminate junk food, but instead, we will teach you how to treat junk food special, which will lead to eating less junk food but getting more enjoyment out of them.

Does Live Your Way Thin have a press kit?

Yes, if you are part of the media, we can provide you with a Media One Sheet. You can download our Media One Sheet by Clicking Here.

Can I have Stavros Speak at My Event?

Yes, Stavros is available to speak at Events.  Click Here to learn more

Does your program work for very busy people?

Absolutely.  Because we only work on helping you develop one new habit at a time, our program is very easy to apply to your life. It does not require you to count calories or eat special foods that is not available at restaurants.  Our approach, never mind it does not require any extra time out of your day, it actually adds more free time to your day.

Do I need to have a gym membership or gym equipment to do the workouts?

No, you don’t.  Our exercise program is customized not just to your fitness goals but also to what you have available to workout with.  If you don’t have any exercise equipment, we can create a workout that does not require any equipment.

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