Weight Loss Strategy Session (FREE) 

Currently, only around 5% of all the people who lose weight are able to keep it off.  There is a reason why so few people can keep the weight off with the current weight loss methods, and it has very little to do with people’s willpower or not having their priorities straight. It has to do with the fact that the way most weight loss and diet programs approach weight loss goes against human nature.


If you look at healthy regions and how people there can maintain their great health effortlessly, you will notice that they don’t do most of the things popular weight loss and diet programs advise people to do.


I know so much about healthy regions because I didn’t just study them; I was actually raised in a very healthy region in Greece.  When I lived there, thin was the norm, and people lived long, healthy lives free from most diseases that people suffer from today.


I modeled my Live Your Way Thin System after healthy regions and how they are able to maintain their excellent shape, which by the way, it is a lot easier than the way the 5% who are able to keep the weight off with the current methods of weight loss, are doing it.


If you are interested in losing weight and getting in shape for life, I would like to invite you for a Free Weight Loss For Life Strategy Session.


At this session, our first goal is to learn more about you and your fitness goals.  Based on your current lifestyle habits, I will explain how with our unconventional approach, you will be able to lose weight, significantly improve your health, and most importantly, maintain the results with minimum effort.  


In this "Weight Loss Strategy Session”, you will:

  • Get clarity of exactly what you need to do to lose weight for life

  • Finally understand why you have not been able to achieve sustainable weight loss

  • Discover the 5 essential behaviors for a lean and healthy body which all healthy regions around the world have in common

  • Discover the #1 mistake that sabotage countless people’s efforts to lose weight and get in shape.

  • Learn how with our services we help people make completely habitual these 5 essential behaviors for a lean and healthy body.

  • Then ending with: Walk away with a clear idea of how sustainable weight loss and great health can be achieved and how our services works.​

From there, you can make an informed decision, if our approach to sustainable weight loss and great health, is right for you.  I want to emphasize that there is absolutely no obligation to join!

We offer the Free Strategy Session over Zoom or In-Person at our facility in Danbury CT.  Scroll down to schedule your Free Strategy session.  


If you have questions that you need answered before you book your Free Weight Loss For Life Strategy Session, or our times available don't fit your schedule, you can call us or email us with your question and/or your availability. 

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