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"We are all about sustainable and healthy weight loss"

Stavros Mastrogiannis

Schedule Your Free Habit Review Session Below:

Free Habit Review Session 

The fact is, nobody has a weight problem; what we have is a habit problem.  Weight gain and all the health issues that come with it is the symptom of our daily habitual behaviors.


The best way to achieve a lean and healthy body that you can maintain with minimum effort is through permanent changes in your daily habitual behaviors.    In other words, you must eliminate the unhealthy habits that got you overweight and replace those habits with healthy ones that support a lean and healthy body.


The great news is that most people are only a few simple habits away from achieving the lean and healthy body they want.


Would you like to learn how many habits away you are from a lean and healthy body?


At Live Your Way Thin, we offer a Free Habit Review Session.  In this session, we will review your current lifestyle habits and identify the habits responsible for your weight gain.  Also, we will identify healthy habits missing from your life that support a lean and healthy body.


By the end of this session, you will have a clear idea of what changes you need to make in your lifestyle habits that will help your body return to its natural state, which is lean and healthy.


This session will also allow us to explain how our services work and how we can help you make all the necessary changes in your lifestyle habits.  


From there, you can make an informed decision if you need our help to make all the required changes in your life.


Either way, you will leave this session with a clear picture of what you must do to achieve the desired results.


By the way, you will not need to give up any of your favorite foods. There are healthy eating habits that you can develop that will allow you to eat foods that might not be the best for your weight and health without affecting your weight or health. 

NOTE: If none of our available times fit your schedule, please send us an email with the days and times you are available. Please make sure you include your Time Zone.  You can email us at: 

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