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"With Our Nutritional Approach, You Get to Have a Lean and Healthy Body and Eat Your Cupcakes Too!"

About The 5 Eating Habits

Sometimes, we don't need more research to solve a problem but simply look to the past. 


In my 29 years in the weight loss field, I identified five ancient eating habits that used to be part of human life but unfortunately, due to the modern lifestyle, most people in the west have forgotten, and our weight and health are paying the price.  When I lived in Greece in the 70s and 80s, these five eating habits were part of our daily lives, and that was the main reason we enjoyed such good health.  Today, if you look at all healthy regions, you will notice that through their traditions, they were able to maintain these five healthy eating habits, which is why they are enjoying such good health.  

Three of these five habits have to do with "how to eat" and only 2 with "what to eat."  One great benefit of learning "how to eat" is that you don't have to be as strict with what you eat.  In other words, you could eat pasta, you could eat bread and yes you could even eat some junk food without effecting your weight or health, as long as you know “How To Eat”.  


I have found these five eating habits to have the biggest impact on people's weight and health than any other eating habits.

With our nutritional program, I will help you redevelop these five ancient eating behaviors and make them completely habitual, which will help your body return to its natural state, which is lean and healthy.  Because these five eating behaviors work with human nature, they can become completely habitual and part of your everyday life with a bit of practice. 

Here is the great news.  99.9% of people only need to develop these five ancient habits to lose weight and improve their health.

Eating Lunch

How Our Program Works

The way most diets and nutritional programs approach changing eating behaviors requires a lot of mental effort.  The simple fact is, the more mental effort you need to put out to take certain actions, the more likely you are to burn out.  That is part of the reason why the vast majority of people can't stick to a diet for the long run.  Most diets require way too much mental effort.


At Live Your Way Thin, we approach adapting new eating habits the Kaizen way.  Kaizen is an ancient Asian philosophical system on how to best apply change that lasts.  Many highly successful people from all walks of life have used the kaizen philosophy to make all the necessary changes in their life, which enabled them to achieve extraordinary results.  I adopted that philosophy in my nutritional programs, and the results have been amazing.


Yes, our approach does require some effort initially, but a lot less than any other diet program out there. However, the biggest difference between our approach and all other dietary approaches is that little to no effort will be required to maintain the results. That is because, by the end of our program, the eating behaviors we will be teaching you will be habitual.  It will be like putting the maintenance of your results on autopilot.

(Besides the five eating behaviors we will be helping your make habitual, we also will be helping you make minor tweaks in your lifestyle that could have a significant impact on your health and weight)


During the whole process, we will be providing support through our monthly meetings and through our app, which will give you access to your coach 24/7.


Each month, you get two 30-minute meetings (over Zoom or in-person) with Stavros.  With the exception of the first month where you get a bonus 3rd meeting to help you get on the right track.


Once you have developed all five habits and feel you don't need our support to stick with them, you can simply cancel your membership and go on your own.

Investment and Getting Started.  

(Keep in mind, the investment is temporary, the benefits to your weight and health will be lasting)  


$297 per Month (The Price includes sales taxes)


What does it include:

  1. 2, 30-minute session with Stavros per Month (3 sessions the first month with no extra charge)

  2. Access to an app that will help you track your progress and give you access to your coach.

  3. Unlimited 24/7 support via app messenger or email

  4. Cancel at any time.


Getting Started.

To get started click the button below to sign up and get started.  If you are not sure if this is the right program for you, or you have question, you can schedule a Free Initial Consultation to go over any questions you have and to make sure our program is right for you.  Click Here To Schedule the Free Initial Consultation

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