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Warm Up on the Beach

Ready to shape up? Good. Ready to shape up for LIFE? Now we're talking! You're in the right place if you're ready to ditch temporary fixes and embrace a lifelong transformation.

Healthy Eating

"If you give a person a diet and workout plan to follow, they might lose weight temporarily. But if you teach them how to make healthy eating and exercising habitual, they will lose weight and get in shape for life."

- Stavros Mastrogiannis

The Practical Fitness Coach

Practicing Yoga

So, How Do We Do This?

Let's face it, there are countless weight loss solutions out there. Personal trainers, nutritionists, diet plans – you name it. But how many of them offer results that truly last?


Studies reveal a grim truth: 95% of people who lose weight regain it back. Why? Because most fitness approaches are incomplete.

Three Essential Things for Lasting Fitness

First, it's not just about what you eat, but also how and when you eat and under what conditions you eat. The impact of food on your health and weight can differ based on these factors. The more attention you pay to these 3 factors the less strict you need to be with what you eat.  Imagine enjoying pasta and pizza without worrying about weight gain or health risks. It's all about learning how to eat.

Second, due to modern lifestyle, our body is not challenged enough to maintain good function.  That is why we need to challenge our muscles through some form of resistance training and our cardiovascular system through some form of aerobics in order to keep our body strong and functional.

Third, and most importantly, is to weave these health practices seamlessly into your life, forming lasting habits. Humans are creatures of habit, and our approach capitalizes on that, enabling you to effortlessly maintain your health and fitness without hindering your enjoyment of life.

What Makes Us Different at Live Your Way Thin

Our approach, known as The Stavros Method, empowers you to make these new health behaviors part of your everyday routine, without causing a major disruption to your life. By the end of our program, these behaviors will be second nature, making maintaining your results effortless.

What Our Clients Says About Our System

Emily before and after (2).jpg

“Before meeting Stavros I had lost weight many times in the past only to gain it back again and then some. But since following Stavros’s program, this is the first time in my life that I have been able to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good!

It has been 3 years since I have reached my goal weight and I have been able to maintain it easily and effortlessly. This is by far the best weight loss program I have ever tried! Thank you Stavros!”

-Emily Volpintesta (Lost 38lbs)

“So simple, and yet extremely effective. I still can’t believe how simple it was to change my eating habits and lose weight with The Live Your Way Thin system. I lost over 65lbs and I have no problem keeping it off. This is a must try program for anyone who wants to lose weight for good.”​

-Neil J Hutchins (lost 65lbs)

Neil before and after.jpg

Marcy before and after (2).jpg

“I began training with Stavros in August 2013. My goal when starting this program were to increase my activity, fitness levels and create a healthier lifestyle. Through the lifting, cardio training and following Stavros’ healthy eating habits, I have exceeded all my goals.

I have never felt this healthy, fit and energized and lost 39 pounds in the process. Stavros positive attitude and motivation make every training session enjoyable. This program has inspired me to work out on my own and utilize the healthy eating habits in my daily life.”

Marcy Rudolf, (Lost 38lbs)

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The 2 Services We Offer At Our Facility in Danbury, CT
(Can't make it to Danbury? No worries! We offer online coaching and The Stavros Method Online Weight Loss Program for our long-distance clients. We're committed to making our services accessible to everyone, everywhere. To learn more Click Here.)

1. The Complete Solution Membership

If you want to get in shape for life and need help with developing the right eating habits, the right activity habits and you would like guidance of how to incorporate both into your life with minimum disruption to your lifestyle, our Complete Solution Membership  is the program for you.

We understand different individuals need different levels of support. That's why we offer three membership levels:


  • Basic Membership: $247 per month.

       Includes 2 private sessions per month (one session every other week), and 24/7              support & coaching through our app.


  • Advanced Membership: $347 per month.

       Includes 1 private session per week, plus 24/7 support & coaching through our                app.


  • Premium Membership: $597 per month.

       Includes 2 private sessions per week and 24/7 support & coaching through our                app.


Note: Carry over up to half of your sessions to the next month if you can’t complete them within the allotted time frame. Additional sessions are available at $60 per session.


2. Personal Training Only

For those who only need help developing the exercise habit, we offer Personal Training in separate packages too:


  • Package of 5 sessions: $325. ($65 per session)

  • Package of 9 sessions: $540. ($60 per session)

At Live Your Way Thin, we believe the best workout is the one you can best fit into your day. Our sessions are 30 minutes long, take place in a private, fully equipped room, and include strength, flexibility, and balance training. At the end of each session, you can use any of our aerobic equipment for up to 30 minutes.


Note:  We also offer an app option for only $24.97 per month.  The app allows us to upload any workouts or activities you should be doing on your own between the session you will be doing with us.


Why Get In Shape With Us

Very Easy To Implement

You must be able to live with the advice of a weight loss program, if you hope to maintain the results.  All the healthy habits you will be learning through our program, which will help you lose weight and improve your health, work with human nature and are very easy to live with.

Not Just Weight Loss Sustainable Weight Loss

Because you will be losing weight through sustainable changes in your daily habitual behaviors, you will have a very easy time keeping the weight off after you lose it.

Greatly Improve Your Health

The healthy habits you will be developing though our program, will have a huge positive impact on your overall health.  These are the same healthy habits all healthy regions around the world have in common.

Increase Energy Levels

Expect to have a lot more energy than you have today.  More energy to enjoy life, more energy to play with your kids or grandkids, more energy to do whatever you want.

If you are tired of losing weight only to gain it back, if you are tired of counting calories, point or measuring your food and if you are tired of always being sick and tired, I truly hope you give our approach a try.  It's unlike any other fitness approach you might have tried before.


If you are ready to see what is possible, try our Free Habit Review Session. You'll leave with a clear picture of the lifestyle changes you need to make to achieve your health goals, and how we can support you in this journey. You won't even have to give up all your favorite foods!

To schedule your free session, you can submit the form below, or simply call us at (203) 778 9545 and if we are not available, leave us a message that you are interested in our program and any questions you might have,  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ready to Kickstart Your Transformation?



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