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With a Little Effort, You Can Lose a Lot of Weight Easily—if You Know Where To Put the Effort!

Updated: Apr 26

Most people believe that losing weight and getting in shape takes a lot of effort, and they believe that because of the way most fitness programs approach weight loss, which requires a lot of effort.

Losing weight and getting in shape does not have to be hard.

What if there was an easier way to lose weight and get in great shape, one that required little effort? Imagine if you could lose a lot of weight easily! Wouldn’t that be nice? Before you dismiss this idea as too good to be true, keep reading, and you might change your mind.

What most people don’t realize is that achieving big results doesn’t always require a lot of effort if you know where to apply the effort. Let me explain. Did you know that if an Asteroid were to hit the Earth, even if we sent all the nuclear weapons against it, we would not be able to save the Earth?

However, a laser with a fraction of the power created by nuclear weapons can actually save the Earth, but only if it is pointed at the right spot on the Asteroid, which is its side. The vent that will be created would push the Asteroid off its course and miss the Earth.

The point is that if you know where to apply the effort, you don’t need that much effort to achieve great results.

​This is also true when it comes to losing weight.  If you know where to put the effort, you don’t need that much effort to lose weight and get in great shape.

If you look at healthy regions, you will notice that people there don’t put that much effort into maintaining their good health, yet they are in great shape.

The reason is because of a few simple but very effective habits that are part of their culture.  These simple habits have a much bigger impact on weight and health than the healthy habits promoted by all popular fitness programs.

These simple habits don’t require that much effort to be applied to your life, and once they become habitual, they require no effort at all.

By the way, I didn’t just study healthy regions; I was born and raised in a very healthy region in Greece and have seen firsthand how they effortlessly maintain their great health.

The healthy habits I am talking about are the habit of taking regular breaks from food, the habit of eating out of true hunger most of the time, and the habit of eating slowly and mindfully.  These 3 habits will impact your weight and health more than the foods you eat, but they are much easier to develop and live with.

Besides the behaviors you use to lose weight, the way you think will also make a huge difference.


You see, the way you think affects the way you feel, and the way you feel affects your behaviors, and your behaviors affect your shape.  Ultimately, your thinking is what drives your behaviors that are responsible for your current shape.

So, if you try to change a behavior without first changing the thinking that drives that behavior, it will be very hard, to say the least, because your thinking will keep you wanting to engage in that behavior.

By changing the thinking that drives the behaviors you are trying to eliminate, you are basically cutting off the fuel to those behaviors, which makes it infinitely easier to change.

How many weight loss programs do you know that help people change the way they think in order to make it easier to change old behaviors?  From the popular methods, none.  This is why losing weight it is so hard with the current methods of weight loss.

Seeing that with the current methods of weight loss people had a very hard time losing weight and keep it off I decided to create my own system.  I call Fitness on Autopilot.

Fitness on Autopilot follows the example of healthy regions, also known as Blue Zones, where people are able to maintain their great shape with very little effort.  

With my approach, you will be able to lose weight and get in great shape with a lot less effort than traditional fitness programs.

That is because with my system, you will lose weight and get in shape by developing simple, healthy behaviors that work with human nature. Four of those behaviors are common to all healthy regions.

In addition, it is the only weight loss system that helps people not just change the behaviors that made them overweight but also change the thinking that drives those behaviors, which makes it much easier not to revert to old behaviors.

​If you find the advice of the current weight loss methods too hard to live with and you are looking for an easier way to lose weight that is effortless to keep off, you will find Fitness on Autopilot a very good fit.

If you would like to learn how Fitness on Autopilot works with human nature and how it helps people lose weight and get in shape with less effort, I would like to invite you to a Free How To Put Fitness on Autopilot Discovery Session at my facility in Danbury, CT.


Below is a link to the page where you can schedule your Free Discover Session.



Stavros Mastrogiannis

The Practical Fitness Coach

P.S. If you don’t live around Danbury, CT, but you are interested in my system, send me an email to that you are interested in my program, and we can schedule an online call.

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